2004-11-12: ISHI: Ancient to Modern World Premiere by Janice Giteck


ISHI: Ancient to Modern

A World Premiere of Ishi (Yahi for "man") by celebrated Seattle composer Janice Giteck with a short film by Emiko Omori.

Join us at 7:15pm for a pre-concert talk with featured composer Janice Giteck and filmmaker Emiko Omori, hosted by Seattle Weekly music critic Gavin Borchert.

Dance Forms (Sound Form No. 1)
for flute, violin, cello & two percussion
Henry Cowell

Five for flute, clarinet, violin, cello & percussion
John Cage

In memoriam...Esteban Gomez
for flute, clarinet, violin & cello
Robert Ashley

Tracking Pierrot
for conductor, flute, clarinet/bass clarinet
violin, cello, piano & percusson
Earle Brown

Minute Symphony for flute, clarinet, violin & cello
Kyle Gann
World Premiere — Dedicated to
the Seattle Chamber Players

Bass Clarinet and Percussion
Morton Feldman

Ishi (Yahi for "man") for flute, clarinet, violin & cello
Janice Giteck
World Premiere — Commissioned by
the Seattle Chamber Players,
with a short film by Emiko Omori

Guest Artists

  • Christian Knapp, conductor

  • Matthew Kocmieroski, percussion

  • Rachel Matthews, piano

  • Rob Tucker, percussion